Custom Bar Tops, Countertops and Tables

Elm Bar
This is a custom live edge bar done in Elm.  This customer wanted some color in this.  There is a small amount of burl filled with a blue epoxy and then finished with a  clear coat of epoxy all around.  Heat resistant and very durable.  


Poplar Bar
This is a custom bar from a poplar slab.  This top is 42" wide at one end.  This was an amazing piece. There was so much character and color in this one once we started working on it.  No color added, simply a clear coat epoxy again.   The epoxy takes a wooden top and makes it usable in a kitchen without fear of destroying your beautiful piece.


Assorted Tables
This group is an assortment of coffee tables that have been done from smaller pieces as samples of our work as well as decorative pieces for your living room or sunroom.  There is also a 9' Walnut dining table with matching bench.  We have many more of these as well as more than happy to create a custom piece if you have something in mind.